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You really can have the best of both worlds when it comes to insurance coverage.

When you choose coverage with AG Gaesser Agency, you receive the experience and professionalism of a big insurance agency with the personalized attention of a local, independent agent.

There are hundreds of insurance companies to choose from and at the AG Gaesser Agency, we want to get to know you so we can make the best recommendation. We cut through the noise to find the best fit for you – not us. And although we hope you won’t need it, when the unexpected happens, we’ll be there to guide you through the claims process. 

Whether you want to purchase an insurance policy to protect for your home, car, business or something else, we’ll give you  the confidence that you’re fully protected financially. We offer a complete range of insurance policies from more than 20 of the top insurance companies. No need to call around looking for the best price – we’ll do that for you!

When you call the AG Gaesser Agency, you won’t be speaking with someone in a call center in Somewheresville, USA. You’ll get to talk to an experienced agent in Rochester, NY, who knows the ins and outs of the insurance business.

That’s the AG Gaesser difference. Protecting you from whatever life has in store.

Read what our customers have said about the Gaesser Insurance Agency

Ray Hasto
Ray Hasto
Matt and his staff have been a great source of help for over 10 years! Responsive and open to questions, they've helped keep our auto insurance at reasonable rates with good coverage. As our kids grew to become "young drivers", Matt offered advice on how to best cover AND advised our kids on what to do (and NOT do) as teens. In addition, we own rental property. Matt took time early in our working relationship to review a previous policy and point out where our gaps were. The difference in premiums was so small compared to the coverage and piece-of-mind! Highly recommended. Thanks, Matt!
joey schmidt
joey schmidt
Great service
Donna Silverman
Donna Silverman
I highly recommend this Ralston/Gaesser Agency for all your insurance needs. I feel blessed to have Hank Ralston and Sabina as well. The expert staff is dependable, professional and knowledgeable. They care about their clients being satisfied.
Nicole Vosburgh
Nicole Vosburgh
Having an insurance agent in your back pocket who knows your business and your business goals is something you simply can not put a value on. I trust Matthew Gaesser with my business coverages, knowing I can tell him what is happening with my business growth and he will find the exact product that fits my business needs to ensure we're properly covered and make it all happen within a responsible price point. Just a phone call away, I know Matt is always there for new and current insurance needs!
Warren Miller
Warren Miller
Personalized service that made me feel extremely comforable and protected.
Tricia Cifuentes
Tricia Cifuentes
Matt Gaesser has been an amazing asset for us, because he is knowledgeable and proactive. He regularly reviews his clients' policies and informs them when they may need to look at other companies. After being with one company for a few years our auto policy began to creep up. He contacted me to come in and review all our policies, and my family ended up doubling our home and auto coverage and significantly decreasing our premiums. I have peace of mind that my family's assets are protected and Matt saved us money....I couldn't ask for more!
Quincey Fox
Quincey Fox
Best resource for home and auto (renters, etc.) insurance in Rochester! Matthew is extremely knowledgeable about how much coverage we needed and was able to beat all of the large insurance companies in cost. We got more insurance for less premium. They run a great quality business - highly recommend

Get the Right Insurace Coverage at the Right Price with the AG Gaesser Agency.

Auto Insurance

If you’ve had the same coverage for 3 years or more, today is a great time to call and compare. Learn your options and how to properly protect yourself with Auto Coverage.

Home-Owners Insurance

For most Americans, your home is your greatest investment. As needs change and families grow, it’s smart to stay current and protect that investment. Contact the Gaesser Agency, today!

Business Insurance

Business is challenging enough without the added stress of worrying about insurance coverage. From Liability to Keyman insurance, work with the profesionals at the Gaesser Agency.

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